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So ten years after being accused of being a mere ‘blog’ – TheTulsan has now adopted a ‘blog’ format for commentary, news analysis, reviews, and rants.  There have been ‘bloggers’ in the sense that others have tried to assume the mantle of ‘the’ blogger for Tulsans but check ’em out.  NONE have that incredible staying power and diversity that TheTulsan displayed during its past notoriety.

In fact check them out now and they have not been updated for months.  Months.  For months nothing has happened for Tulsans.  And the subject matter is always some obscure political bullcrap – like anyone cares.  Even the ‘best’ blogger out there has abandoned any semblance of being relevant – with a blogroll chock full of dead and dying blogs.  Sad.

And even the ‘alternative’ ‘news’ websites are pathetic – not mentioning names.  When a local blog or newsite spends most of its content on national issues how it can call itself ANYTHING ‘Today’ is a mystery.  TheTulsan was not ever trying to be anything but a linkfest of local flavor and to rant about local issues, though it got sucked into immaterial national issues.

Well this writer taught himself enough HTML to get onto the web, and has resisted any attempt to use publishing software like WordPress but now the time has come.  The stakes are too great to remain silent and it looks like WordPress is the simplest, most effective way of syndicating my remarks and stories.

So here goes.  Hope this really angers some people and inspires the rest of you.


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March 18, 2011 at 11:02 am

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