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Listening to Karen Carpenter…

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…and the sweet sound of that tortured voice singing ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ gives me hope for tomorrow.

Tulsa is such a great place and it is worth fighting for.  Worth fighting for lower taxes, better schools, safer streets.  But no fighter ever faces an opponent that just rolls over and in Tulsa the revolutionary needs the best tools available. So now with a redirect to a lame WordPress format TheTulsan can be updated from mobile devices, emailed in, and updated from most networks.  Not the dynamism I wanted in the format but then I do not have to rely on douchebag programmers (at $45/hr!)  who call themselves friends to help me.

So now to work on SEO. Tulsa is hosting the NCAA tournament and we have an influx of Jayhawks and some Texans, with a healthy contingent of Tennesseans.  Early reports are that there is plenty of seating at the City of Tulsa Civic Arena and that restaurants away from downtown are not that busy. Tulsans work hard to bring people to Tulsa, so even if the NCAA Tournament does not meet 100% of attendance goals at least it brought a lot of people to town and helped raise our profile among our peer cities.


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March 19, 2011 at 8:57 am

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