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Battle of the Media Bloggers: NCAA Tourney Fab or Fail?

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More info on the aftermath of the NCAA. The Tulsa World blogger rightly points out that the overall impact will be in the neighborhood of $15M, with 42,823 tickets sold for the tourney at the Tulsa Civic Arena for the events, with a highwater mark of 15,839 for Sunday’s games. Does this mean alllllll other events tallied 26,984 in total ticket sales? Does this mean that about 5,000 folk showed up for the remaining five games – leaving an average 12,000 empty seats per match? Man that is pathetic, Tulsans! Deadbeats!
Whatever. Those numbers could be great for all we can tell. KJRH offered an enthusiastic assessment, noting that attendance at T-Town’s tourney put us in ‘the middle of the pack’ of other host cities, which is a safe place to be (remember, OKC is rumored to have had even fewer attendees than Tulsa).
But the KOTV blog’s headline: ‘NCAA Tournament: Final Buzzer for Tulsa?’ was odd. They report ‘close to 16K’ for the finale on Sunday, an average of 14k on Friday, meaning there were less than an average of 14K on Saturday? How many games were there anyway? Did anyone you know even go to a single game? Me neither! Still, all news is good news!
Until we look at big, bad KTUL, bringin’ the hurt with ‘stinks’ ‘ghost town’ ‘not busy at all’ ‘bummer’ and ‘kind of a flop’ alllll over their story! Ouch!
But FOX23 did the most digging, and came away with the same impression as KTUL – namely that downtown digs did not see any boom, in fact saw less traffic than usual – leaving such austere haunts as Blue Dome and Brady wondering where the promised business went to.
Now this all matters because this is exactly the kind of event that Tulsans were promised were going to bring big business to downtown and look: bunko. In fact, the Civic Arena even set up their own concessions outside, and was tralala-ing people to Brookside and Cherry Street! The hotels downtown did not need to order out, apparently.
So was the NCAA successful? Without a doubt. The real question is for whom.


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March 21, 2011 at 3:09 pm

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