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Who’d Ya Rather: Joke Ellie or Pat Crampbell?

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Well, Tulsan, if you are like most boring puke Tulsans who like the yammer in the morning the answer is about 5:1 Joke Ellie over there at KRMG 102.3/740 versus KFAQ 1070am.  For myself I simply cannot listen to Joke – he is nice enough but too many commercials and the format is too formulaic.  Plus that whole stupid ‘Riverside Raceway’ thing.  Ugh.

The KFAQ thing just continues to be tragic.  Poor Brian Gann.  He lost Fox News, Michael Savage, and their headliner (fat-headed Crampbell) continues to insist oddly that he has the only talk show on Tulsa radio in the mornings.  Weird! All the while getting crushed in the ratings by I guess a non-talk show.   Does Journal Broadcasting use Jedi mind-tricks on their local advertisers (‘We have the only morning talk-show . . . these are not the droids you are looking for . . . our demographics are solid . . .’) or are their advertisers just borderline learning disabled?

Anyhoo, just had to start the week with an angry rant or I would just not feel right.


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March 21, 2011 at 8:36 am

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