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More Funky Numbers from the NCAA Tourney: Heads will Roll

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Well heads should be rolling on this one. These numbers just keep getting more and more confused. First off, the KJRH blog and their happy bubbles were wrong on being ‘in the middle of the pack.’ According to the Tulsa World blog, Tulsans were pathetically sixth out of the eight host cities for attendance.

Most importantly is that the latest blog entry from the World does not repeat the earlier grand total of tickets sold (42,823) for the six games. Simple math is about 7,000 per game, but their blog reports:

For the six games, the BOK Center filled 80 percent of the 17,839 seats. Only Tampa, Fla., (78 percent full) and Tucson (75 percent) had a greater percentage of empty seats.

That would mean an average attendance of 14,000 for six games for over 80,000 tickets sold? That would mean every game was close to setting record attendance and that is clearly not the case. Why is this so hard to get straight numbers from these people? Maybe because the Officials are afraid to say how bad the numbers were: There were six games played and 42,823 tickets sold for a grand total of about 7,000 attendees per game – far less than half of capacity. Just sounds better to say the number of tickets sold.

And who told the KJRH blog that Tulsa was ‘in the middle of the pack’ and why did they report that without checking?


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March 22, 2011 at 8:36 am

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