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Tulsans Ponder Revolutionary Act: Riverwest Festival on the Auction Block?!

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Sometimes we make mistakes. We do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons with the wrong people etc etc. We allll do make mistakes. That is all! And for every step there is a misstep or step backward, opportunities taking us in new directions. It is all good. I ask the Almighty daily to grant me forgiveness for every hurt inflicted on others, times when feelings were slighted and Self just took over.
In the early days of this endeavor – of using the domain name to issue hateful screes about my neighbors – anonymity afforded quite a bit of freedom. About that time the issue of ‘The American’ was brought up – a controversial colossal copper figurine featuring an Indian Giant – and I used grotesque imagery in what Self believed was a clever way to describe the piece of art. Sorry about that dear reader! Please forgive me!
However, there are times when we just have to move on, take chances, roll the dice, believe in Destiny, trust God this next moment to guide you to do what must be done! To make that decision, that choice to let Goodness and right guide you…
So all that comes to mind, upon the news that the City is actually going to divest some of its holdings, is ‘Wow. That is a revolutionary act!’ The State never ever relinquishes land back to the people, ever!
And the land! Riverwest festival free space! Awesome!
But watching local news last night, the anchor mentions something about demand for a statue on the land to be relinquished. Just like that.
So let me be the first in line to say ‘No dopey statues or the whoooole deal is off.’ Just like that. Amen.
More to come but let us just leave it at that for now.


Written by thetulsan

March 23, 2011 at 8:12 am

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