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Apostrophes and Nucular Apacolypse

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Alright alright we get it: radioactive iodine is not going to rain down on Tulsa. But the KJRH bloggers quote some pointy-head type who does NOT allay my concerns about the dusting of radiation we will be receiving.

Mainly, how can we simultaneously believe thaty ‘tiny traces of radiation have been detected in fourteen different states. But, not in Oklahoma’ while acknowledging that ‘levels recorded in Oklahoma have been thousands of times below any conservative level of concern’? So there is radiation or there is not? One or the other, please!

And, furthermore, will the Tulsa Media Bloggers Association PLEASE discourage apostrophes? In our daily reading, without even nitpicking, there is always an example:

Not one more apostrophe. Not one more.

Right there in the first sentence on the blog ‘It’s sole job . . .’ actually means ‘It is sole job’ or ‘It has sole job.’ See why we do not use apostrophes? Tragedies!


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March 30, 2011 at 8:53 am

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