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Will China, Russia Enforce a No-Fly Zone over Occupied Aztlan (Battle: Los Angeles)?

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Do you know what ‘Aztlan’ is? The mythical Aztec nation-state that ruled over the Southwestern United State, Central America, and Northern South America for thousands of years? What if the United Nations ‘just had to’ order air strikes against American targets to free Aztlan once and for all, while restoring America to its proper boundaries? Would that not be possible in one of several developing narratives? Let us consider.

What if massive unrest in the Occupied Cities of Aztlan – several HUUUGE marchs, general strikes, even crippling acts of sabotage – shut down industry, made tourism impossible, travel a nightmare, and whole neighborhoods unlivable and unpassable, etc? Simultaneous geurrilla provocations, the scattered acts of mayhem directed by foreign agents and military units directing combat actions against police and military installations – and soon there could be a real crisis leading to the activation of the Northern Command – America officially becomes a war zone.

Throw in stories of civilian deaths at the hands of the military and we have a narrative that lines up with what we are allowing to happen in Libya – and a roadmap for some future United Nations attack on America! This may take years and years, but surely inevitable. The evidence is clear that this year of revolutions have been planned for years, and we are aiding the very people who meanwhile kill our troops wherever they can find them in Iraq or Afghanistan, we are lead to believe.

Indeed,the New World Order has achieved ‘full spectrum dominance’: the ability to manipulate both sides of a conflict – simultaneously weakening them and controlling them, playing the Great Arbiter – bringing nations to heel as the Natives square off against each other. We (Americans) are now part of the North American Union – along with Occupied Mexico and Imperial Canada, conducting military occupation drills alongside foreign troops, practicing Marshall Law operations; indeed, the Army of the Republic has been used as the Enforcer for the New World Order Empire, spending much of the last century occupying Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and now huge swathes of the Middle East.

New World Order same as the Old World Order! New Boss same as the Old Boss!

If America’s own actions and justifications serve as a model, then some decade or two we could easily have Chinese and Russian jets flying sortees over Northern Aztlan as air cover for crack teams of Multinational Forces and insurgents (think ‘Red Dawn’)! This is all fantasy, of course, fed on by endless espionage novels and war movies – the ‘entertainment’ itself sophisticated ‘predictive programming’ fare, drawing from our archetypal, Jungian certainty of knowing tyranny, not liberty, is the norm for humanity.

So that is the looooong way of saying that we bet Battle: Los Angeles is an OK thrill ride. If the Rotten Tomatoes critics are outnumbered almost 2:1 with thumbs up, then it must be the snooty bloggers that are mistaken – they are boring people! Boooooring! Watch this trailer!


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March 31, 2011 at 10:24 pm

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