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Tulsa World Blog Puts Trolls on 10 Article-a-Month Diet

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UNLESS you pony up and volunteer for their subscription service, that is – so that reams of dead trees pile up in the garage in a nice little pile. Once one has peeked at ten of their articles one will hit a ‘paywall’ asking the viewer pay up. Once a user has selected a story he/she will have unlimited access to that article – so you Tulsa trolls better choose judiciously which articles you will be pounding your little fists over, because the free ride is over in T-Town, Tulsan! Oh I bet you can hardly standly it!

For you Outsiders: the Tulsa World blog is reviled en toto by a good number of Tulsans – certainly not all – could be for any number of reasons, but it has experienced the same problems all print ‘news’ has, for all the same ones and then some. It has done a swell job keeping its print product awesome, kept up a database of critical information for Tulsans, a robust shelf of multimedia, and kept the look mean and clean. How much data mining they perform on users is anyone’s guess, but a freewheeling comment board is always interesting for troll-watching.

This is the second time the World blog has tried the tactic of limiting access to its econtent to boost subscriptions, and recently had a reduction in force of 15 newsies. Tulsa is not a very large town, there are not many stories that demand in-depth investigation on behalf of the reader – so granting ten unlimited accesses before the Wall kicks in is not too much a loss. Besides, multiple computers/devices could be used to drill-down in additional stories, and often the ‘stories’ are truly no more than blog entries or rehashed AP content. No offense, all.

The interwebs is not free, Tulsan! In fact, for all the talk about the wonders of fiber optics and the promise of broadband, the demand is potentially unlimited while supply is not; online content providers are charged for how much bandwidth they require to supply. (BTW, did you know printing the New York Times blog costs twice as much as sending every subscriber a free kindle?)

So the decision to force the printed copy on readers does not make financial sense if the goal is to merely get content to readers. That is one half of the equation, the other being them big fat adverts sold at increments of a page. For all the technical expertise available, media blogs have yet to figure out how to format a page so that the reader’s eyes dance around on those precious ad, been able to recreate on a monitor that experience of a huge broad sheet chock full of articles and pictures of all kinds of sizes with all kinds of buzz words.

So a few more trees will die, online views will plummet, and heads will roll as the geezers and gray hairs at the World blog hunker down behind closed doors planning their next move. So put the Tulsa trolls on a diet – heck why not limit views to five a month? The impression of miserliness – that the World blog does not provide free content – will have a suppressing effect, anyway, and Tulsans can make copper wire from a penny in three seconds flat. Our guess is that the Tulsa trolls will just roll over to the other news blogs – TV, GTR, Neighbor News, – and let the World fossilize all by itself in splendid isolation.


Written by thetulsan

April 1, 2011 at 11:38 pm

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  1. I think the Tulsa has sunk to the bottom of the barrel as far as news papers are concerened.

    Instead of being an information for the public instrument it has resorted to a very much for profit entity only.

    Mr. Lorton lives in one of the biggest houses in Tulsa and drives one of highest priced cars there is so he can’t say that he is losing money with the paper, which has supported him and his family for all of these years, and now he wants more.

    I have changed my home page to the oklahoma city news paper which still has the publics interest as their priority and I will cancel my subscription to the Tulsa World.

    Jim Irwin

    April 8, 2011 at 2:33 am

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