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Rt 66 Carnival Celebrates Crystal City Revitalization

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orrrrrr . . . Fair Rides Highlight West Tulsa Good-ol-Days orrrrrr . . . Historic Tulsa Amusement Park on West Side Rides Again . . . because any of those headlines would emphasize that the event this weekend is a fund-raising fair for beleaguered West Tulsa, as reported by the KJRH blog. In fact, some ancient amusement park that used to operate in Crystal City is being resurrected this weekend as the Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce prepares to install several Route 66-themed attractions.

Some dude with the unnamed organizing party said ‘The main thing is to get people over here to enjoy our community, that is our main goal.’ Well, sir, your press release should contain the buzz words you want in the story, because the bloggers in Tulsa are churning out so much copy that they do not have the time to do your story justice. We saw that headline several times during our perusals of the local interweb blogs before drilling into it, but had no interest because it smacked of trash pick-up and painting dumpy homes.

Grab your hats and wear sunglasses, Tulsan! The rides are scheduled to 11pm! On a Sunday!!


Written by thetulsan

April 3, 2011 at 8:36 am

Posted in Current Events

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