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KOTV Blog’s Got No Shame: Eagleton’s Got the Signatures

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Apparently, apostrophe use is as insidious as an accent which cannot be gotten rid of. It is one thing to occasionally slip a lazy “don’t you” for “do you not” in casual conversation, but the use of contractions has infiltrated every facet of public communication. Maybe bloggers just have lower standards than professional communicators.

Only the most astute Engrish-speaking purists ever complained that AOL’s greeting “You’ve got mail” was teaching incorrect grammar; a few English students would realize without a second thought that greeting literally said ‘you have got mail’ instead of the shorter, cleaner ‘you have mail’ – if the AOL icon had bounced around like a monkey, it could have gotten away with the primitive ‘you got mail.’

For what it is worth, ‘Councilor John Eagleton says he’s got almost twice the signatures he needs’ to hand a case over to the State Attorney General, and when even the KOTV blog gives the nod (the City Council is ‘united’ in its opinion of the Mayor), Tulsans should expect a flurry of puffy photo ops featuring the Mayor doing all kinds of Mayorly things . . .

Overheard: ‘He’s got ’em!’ ‘How many?’ ‘Twice what he’s needing!’ ‘How much is that?’ ‘Half what he’s got!’'s got no equal in online image management and storage for social media


Written by thetulsan

April 5, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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