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Will Alex Jones, Max Keiser Engineer the Collapse of JP Morgan?

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They hope so! And so does this Tulsan! By exposing mega investment bank JP Morgan’s ‘short’ position in its silver supplies, Max Keiser hopes to bring the financial colossus to some kind of ruin. The effort – codenamed ‘Silver Liberation Army’ – shows signs of promise as silver continues to climb in price and, once it hits $47oz, the up-to-3-billion-phantom-ounces ol’ JP owes will reach some kind of tipping point. Mainly, JP Morgan has been putting its own stock up as collateral against the shorts – their own good name; essentially, what America is now doing with its own debt.

JP’s stock has not shown signs of slowing down since the efforts began; in fact the stock is looking great, right? And if the effort does ‘succeed,’ what then? Mark my words one day Bernie Madhoff will walk free! Good luck, though!

Logistics Monster was kind enough to transcribe:

For every ounce that somebody buys of silver, JP Morgan sells 20 to 50 ounces of silver that don’t exist; it’s called naked short selling. That’s the simple; that’s the bottom line. They sell silver that doesn’t exist, it’s naked short selling, they’ve sold more than, by some estimates, 3 billion ounces short, but more than a billion certainly, and that’s the entire silver stock above ground. They’ve sold short more stock than exists above ground and they are on the floor everyday manipulating the price every time someone shows up to buy one ounce of silver, JP Morgan tries to sell 10 as a naked short sale. Silver that they don’t own, but at the end of the month, the books have to be square, the cromags have to physically deliver; just a few days ago, the cromags came once again within a hair’s breath of collapsing due to physical deliver; every month it gets closer and closer, and now, with what’s happening with the silver liberation army, which is being launched globally around the world, we are going to take whats remaining of silver, off, out of the physical stock, off the physical market and put JP Morgan six feet under.

The duo of journalists had discussed the operation back in November of last year, and their cat-and-mouse is always interesting – Keiser always provokes Jones’ wild side. In this episode, Alex tries to get Max to give his war cry; Keiser complies gamely. Gallows humor indeed! Part 1:

OF COURSE Max Keiser has a line on some silver for you! Good silver! Buy some silver: Beat inflation, bring an evil bank to some kind of justice, and have something to trade in after the Apocalypse! Well done! Part 2:


Written by thetulsan

April 7, 2011 at 10:39 pm

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