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The Tulsan Survives! Busey in Squeaker on Celebrity Apprentice

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In ten years of ‘blogging’ this is without doubt the hardest blog entry TheTulsan has attempted. Why is that, you may ask yourself, to which we would reply ‘OBVIOUSLY NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO ‘TWEETS” Not faithful readers or, evidently, @TulsaPolice.

Moving along.

Mark McGrath is just a mean-spirited incompetent boob, and Meatloaf has more self-awareness than the overwhelmingly majority of Tulsa Police. You will remember that in the episode from two weeks ago, Meatloaf suppressed as much rage as exists in the overwhelming majority of Tulsa Police officers just long enough to coach Busey through a testy challenge, just to FREAK OUT at dear old Gary because he thought Busey stole his paints or some such tripe. To help you remember:


Do you see how angry some people can get for nothing? Imagine if ol’ Meatloaf was a cop who had seen dead kids, murdered people, broken lives, and all the while blamed by the public for not stopping them? Wow! Bet he would get pepper-gassing pissed if some punk started mocking him!

But for all the drama queen fury, it was not Meatloaf who got the boot, it was that little punk McGrath! WHICH MEANS OBAMA WAS NOT BORN IN HAWAII! For all the hotness of the ‘pirate’ meme, it was alllll about the koala, Mark, alllll about the koala! Despite his assurances that he would take responsibility, of course he did not, and tried pitching our Tulsan under one of those newfangled TTA buses. This did not work, but Trump smells blood in the water around Gary, and told him so.

Is there a prediction market for Celebrity Apprentice or the nascent Trump candidacy? We give Busey a few more weeks, maybe even three, but not much more. Similarly, we give the Donald about that long, too.


Written by thetulsan

April 11, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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