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FAUX KOTV Blog Outrage at Warr Acres Police for Parking in Handicapped Spot! While Tulsa Cop on Camera Laughs as Says will Run over Bicyclists!

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‘Outrageous behavior!’ said Jemimah Puddleduck – and that was all – as the brown-shirted gentleman grabbed her gruffly by the neck, and pulled her through the dining area and front door. She tried to protest the sudden pain in her throat as he began shaking her violently, but all that came out was just a sad gurgle and deep sigh.


And then there was the time KOTV bravely reported on *GASP* a seemingly awkward case of ‘WTF? The scumbag citizens can still take pictures of us? They have cameras, too?’ They sure do, and then some, as we continue to monitor the strange case of the Tulsa Police telling a citizen that he would love crushing dangerous Tulsa bicyclists with his car, and how fun it would be to mischievously repaint the Tulsa Tough race course. Apparently, whatever he said is supposedly pretty outrageous, and needs to be addressed by the Mayor or the Justice Department. Let the Tulsans decide, Jason! Release the tape or withdraw the charge!

Just to be clear, here is Mr. Kearney’s blog entry en toto:

Cycling is Tough Enough
I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it is tough to be a bicyclist in a car-centric world.

I’ve never been outwardly afraid to ride my bike, even in traffic. Maybe that is because I am an optimist. Or because I cut my cycling teeth riding to OU football games back in the early 90s, when Sooner fans were filled with despair, and as it turns out, a good deal of angst against cocky cyclists parking directly underneath Owen Field, and skipping all the traffic jams on the way home.

I’ve never been outwardly afraid to ride in traffic. But there are times when my heart skips a beat at the thought of riding in traffic. This fear picks up a bit when I see the response of readers to any article related to cycling or cyclists. There is such anger and hatred toward riders, and the comments section and letters to the editor bear that out. Recently, the Tulsa World did a story on bike commuting in Tulsa, and they profiled my ride to and from work in the article. The comments section in the online version of the story were insane! There were 127 comments on the story. Two years ago, the World did a similar story on my commute, and only about 30 readers left comments. A couple of weeks later, a lady wrote into the paper, and they published her letter. To this letter, 35 online comments were left. Most of these comments reflect anger, or more accurately, hatred toward anyone that chooses to get around in anything other than a car.

Knowing that these people are out there, and that the authorities actually give them a drivers license, is enough to cause great fear and trepidation in even the most hard-core bike commuter.

I deal with it by telling myself that these people are either trolls (people who just want to stir up the pot, and have no intention of causing harm to bike riders), or they are just stupid rednecks who talk a good game, but fold like a house of cards when in a real-life predicament.

Recently, however, I had a frightening and sobering encounter with an individual, and the tenor of his conversation made me shudder. His language was peppered with profanity as we talked about how he felt about bicyclists. “If I see you guys out on my road, I’ll knock your *** in the ditch.” When I suggested that there is a $1000 fine for killing a cyclist with a car, his response was, “they gotta catch me first.”

He went on to say that he planned on taking spray paint in his car this summer, so that when the organizers of the Tulsa Tough ride and race mark the route, he could re-route the riders. It was his way of causing harm and confusion, because he so adamantly disliked cyclists. He also said that during the ride and race, held in June of this year, he would put oil in the road, in an attempt to cause crashes, and inflict harm.

What shocked me about his words had little to do with what he said—I’ve heard all that before. No, what shocked me about his words is that they were being spoken by a member of the Tulsa Police Department, while he was on duty. It angers me that anyone would have such blatant disregard for the law, and for the citizens he is being paid to protect. But for him to express his feelings while on duty made it even worse.

And now, I find myself in a bit of a moral dilemma. I’m writing about this, because writing about it is not a big deal. Words can be powerful, but not as powerful as actually being there. Since there were only two or three of us there, this officer could dispute his words, and turn it into a “your word against mine” situation.

Also, I was riding that night at the invitation of a friend who is a member of the Tulsa Police Department bike squad. I was his guest, and he introduced me to this officer. So I feel bad about telling this story publicly, because I don’t want this to be a breach of our friendship.

But this is a story that needs to be told. If there are officers who have such blatant disregard for the law, and they are going around spouting off about it, it needs to come out. I personally don’t think that a guy who thinks like this should be on the city payroll. If there are police officers who do not respect the cyclists’ right to the road, how do we expect the ordinary citizen to respect it?

The other thing that makes this story interesting is that I got the whole thing on video. Yep, the GoPro was front and center, red light blinking, the entire time. So, you can see that now I have an even greater dilemma. Do I edit the video, and post it on YouTube, letting the chips fall where they may? Or do I just drop it?

What do you think?


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  1. These statements should be brought to the attention of the officer’s commander. I would give my friend an option, either you tell or I will. If you do not report the intent to commit a crime you are guilty of conspiring to allow it to happen. (It is a crime to willfully cause harm to another person.)


    April 14, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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