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KRMG Blogger takes on News Director Role, Still has No Morning Show

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Dallas transplant Joe Kellie is now the News Director at Tulsa radio stalwart KRMG! Congratulations! The milquetoast morning mouth takes the place of Anonymous, who faithfully served the station for an unknown number of years and whose exit did not even warrant a mention. Past experience being a guide, the former News Director will be taking a place as a corporate spokesperson, a plum post as the media director for a government agency, or moving on to larger markets. And some day when Joe gets his big break, well let us say do not expect flowers or even a Dear John letter.

There are two secular ‘news/talk’ stations in town, the Cox Communications creature and KFAQ – now of Journal Broadcasting (formerly ‘Magic Empire’ and you KNOW which invisible empire that is part of, no? ‘Baldknobbers’ hmmmmm?) While KRMG is a loathsome instrument of corporate and government propaganda, KFAQ is a just a confusing fest of feckless blabber. We like Brian Gann of KFAQ – an old-school newsie – but for some reason he allows the station to continue to promote the mean-spirited, ugly, not-nice or friendly at all Pat Campbell as the only morning talk show host in town.

Is that not bizarre? Anyone with eyeballs or ears knows that is untrue; the detestable KRMG absolutely destroys – margins five and six to one – KFAQ’s audience in the morning, and yet the ‘Magic Empire’ sect keeps the mantra up: ‘Tulsa’s only morning talk show.’ When I inadvertently turn on KRMG I hear the hosts talking about local news, sports, weather, issues, interviewing guests, talking to callers. But since KFAQ says what I am hearing is not what I am hearing – they must be right. The sky is pink. Grass is red. Wrong is right.

So while we congratulate Joe Kellie for assuming the News Director position – a promotion in the Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda – we hope he is able to finally have a talk show after lo, so many years!


Written by thetulsan

April 15, 2011 at 7:34 am

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