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90% of City Tulsans feel unsafe! Wake up! The Police State is not coming . . . it is already here!

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If you think Tulsa is a safe place to live, you better think again, Tulsan! According to published reports ninety percent of Tulsans do not feel safe outside of their living residence at night! This gripping fear is the product of many things, but ignored at your own peril! Tulsa’s streets are meaner than ever – and there are extremely violent individuals who have brought to our fair city their psychopathic fantasies.

These are going to be hard, hard times! We find ourselves in a besieged town in drag as Mayberry! This is the home of the so-called Tulsa Race Riot, and the impression is hard to avoid that the same nice terrorists that burned down square miles of neighborhoods and markets in ‘colored’ North Tulsa, rounded up all black people and interned them at the Tulsa Fairgrounds, that those same Committees and organizations that made that happen are still in control of Tulsa. This City and County are a functioning fascist State, empowered by venal, power tripping goons and their sycophantic suck-ups.

If you are not a Tulsan – then the same is true wherever you are at! The control grid is nearing completion – and time is running out! “The ‘Police State’ is not coming, it is already here!”


Written by thetulsan

April 16, 2011 at 11:03 pm

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