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RE: The Fascist Police State of Tulsa

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For ten years I have spoken cryptically about issues that concern me, and have been one of the most influential invisible Tulsans [blogger non-grata!] in T-town. Flitting between national politics and local issues, entertainment and terrorism, it has been nothing but a labor of love for a town that I love and for people that are just as good as folk as one will ever find.

I am so sorry that my tone has taken such a drastic turn this past week. For reasons that I cannot disclose at this time – but with a little digging you could discover – my entire world view has been forever and drastically changed. I find myself weeping for no reason, afraid to leave my front door, terrified of being on the road, and actually just depressed as hell. It would be very, very easy to detail what happened and hope that justice would be served and I could move on with my life, hoping that my words alone would bring closure to this grotesque evil that has shrouded my life.

It is not out of lack of ability, but out of a deep respect for the concept of a Justice System – which is in current practice nothing but a paperwork system – that holds me back. I do not want to do anything to hamper that process or be accused of influencing the process, so for now the crypticisms will just have to continue. Read between the lines.

MONDAY UPDATE: I am hoping the double vision goes away and that full feeling is returned to my hands. The rib cage hurts pretty bad and the upper back is sore as heck too. There are still welts on wrists – it feels like the bones are bruised – and there what appear to be permanent scars on them.


Written by thetulsan

April 17, 2011 at 9:20 am

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