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The Tulsan gets Fired: Busey Way Out on Celebrity Apprentice (& Praying for a Catfight!)

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To the surprise of absolutely no one on the planet who cared to watch, Gary Busey was fired fired fired from the Celebrity Apprentice. The task was so simple that it is amazing that either team had problems completed it: cook some beef for Omaha STEAKS, put together a sampler package, demonstrate. This was such a simple task and both groups performed miserably.

Busey really does have issues, in that something is just not clicking all the way up there. Either he thinks that everyone loves him so much that he can just chuckle and bluff his way through things, or if he just stares ’em down with his googly eyes they will bend to his will – a Jedi Warrior. this did not work with ‘don”t call me ‘boy’ country star John Rich – and whatever he was trying to do during their prep session is anyone’s guess. Bluff or the Force, neither could save him from El Presidente or His Solomonesque discernment as he dismissed Gary from the room; it was disappointing to see the rest of the Guys hold back in the Bored Room so that Busey would get on the elevator so they did not have to talk to him. Mensches!

Now that Busey is gone, so is’s interest in Celebrity Apprentice – unless we can get Meatloaf and Lil Jon to bust out some monstrous duet! That may draw me in for an episode. Or if Star Jones and that Nene from the A-T-L get into a real mean catfight – because that is coming. Please, say it is coming!


Written by thetulsan

April 18, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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