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Five out of Nine Tulsa City Councilors Did not Sign Petitions to Remove Mayor

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So the Mayor of Tulsa is on record encouraging supercilious lawsuits against the City Council – actually trolling for Tulsans to hit the Council and hit it hard with lawsuits- but a majority of the Council believes an ouster attempt via the Attorney General would be political suicide? So, to avoid suicide, the Council apparently condones the Mayor trying to kill the Council with his reckless recommendations of lawsuits? That would be the impression in this recent blog entry over at the Tulsa World blog. The idea being that if they are so offended in his Honor’s conduct, they should be the first to have their names on any petition of grievance.

Well, four out of five is not bad! Oh heck yeah I burned up one of my ten Tulsa World blog articles on this issue! Ol’ T-town Ted makes a good point, no? While four of nine signed the affidavit, it would be pretty much unanimous that Mayor Bartlett should go and his COS Terry Simonson will do just fine.

Being the victim of official misconduct and seeing the dark underbelly of our fair City’s ‘justice’ system, my thinking is that if the Mayor so much as jaywalked or spit on the sidewalk or went three miles over the speed limit he should be brought up on charges. When the City has free reign to persecute, abuse, violate, harass and destroy my life over NOTHING then dang right the Mayor should be answerable. Because if one of you so much as jaywalked or spit on the sidewalk or went three miles over the speed limit you can be dang sure that our corrupt police would nail you to the wall.

I am disappointed in Eagleton’s presentation of his findings – sloppy – and how he (Eagleton) left himself so open for charges of ‘sour grapes’ by asking for and being denied the City Attorney position – but if the facts are there the Mayor must be held accountable or we have no Justice in Tulsa.


Written by thetulsan

April 19, 2011 at 7:11 am

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