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TPS Top ‘Cop’ Email: ‘We want to fire this woman.’

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The City of Tulsa is so swimming in money, so replete with money laying around, with so few serious crimes occurring, that it wants to prosecute dangerous elementary school principal Lynette Dixon for bugging Tulsa police while they were on the scene of a reported burglary. Now it has come out that the Tulsa Public Schools police chief Gary Ruddick sent an email to his croneys at the ‘real’ Tulsa PD. They – the police apparatus – have behaved, in a word, stupidly.

The KOTV blog is hosting the email here. ‘WE want to fire this woman . . . WE don’t want any paper or reports . . . I am so glad that your guys arrested her . . . she is a real problem with an attitude that needs to be corrected.’ Oh my. Click through on the link to read the rest of the story, because there is more to the story but not as juicy. Affadavits, sirs! You alllllll lawyered up? And did you notice what the KOTV blog calls the document? A smoking gun?

NO presumption of innocence, just an attitude here, folks, move along. Good job. Life? Liberty? The Pursuit of Happiness? These are just meaningless concepts to the Police State and its captive public, desensitized by decades of televised real-life horror stories as seen through the lens of ‘Cops’ and ‘Broward County Babes’ and such. Liberty is a plaything, a bauble to the State and as many of its slaves as it can control – and an accomplished Tulsa educator and mother gets taken downtown like a common criminal (did you ‘stay on the carpet, Ms. Dixon?’)!

Life? Liberty? Pursuit of Happiness! Our liberty is one of the three foundations of our American society, one of the most precious things we can ever possess. To have one’s liberty taken – albeit briefly – for any reason is one of the worse things that can ever happen; willy-nilly arresting people for the most minor of infractions should not be tolerated. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY – WITH A BURDEN OF PROOF ABOVE REASONABLE DOUBT. Those are high standards that in this instance are not being met. This is a malicious act of abuse of power, that just affirms what most Tulsans already feel about their ‘justice’ system.


Written by thetulsan

April 21, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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  1. I feel ANYBODY whom gets between police and their pursuant should be arrested and detained until investagations are completed…I also don’t care who they are, the police are there to do a job & i am DAMN glad they are out there doing it.
    I have NOT lost respect for our”justice system” and can truely say i support the law and abide by it. Those of you “that just affirms what most Tulsans already feel about their ‘justice’ system….i can oly say gosh i hope you get caught speeding like you always do!!!


    May 20, 2011 at 9:00 am

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