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Welcome to the Politikriminal Prison States of Amerika!

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That would be a grim assessment of the data below (with emphases on the k’s for effect) whereby even the eye untrained in vital statistics can quickly assess that it is not the much-feared ‘Nanny State’ that causes more harm to our society but an out-of-control politikriminal Police State which routinely terrorizes, threatens, and abuses a fair number of the citizens they are sworn to protect – yet only insists on growing more powerful with greater control over the citizens.

Now having intimate experience with Tulsa’s ‘criminal justice’ system, this writer looks askance at the 2011 budget, namely monies dedicated for police training academies. Are ‘we’ police haters, criminal sympathizers, anarchists? Not at all. The sad truth is that we cannot afford the Police State any more than we can afford the Nanny State. America – once the beacon of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – is by far and away the world’s king of incarceration.

The Hegellian Dialectic destroying our society in real time: a) more laws create more criminals b) more police are needed to enforce c) more arrests are made d) public perception that crime is on the rise e) more laws are passed…GOTO ‘A’… This is not a perfect equation but the future trends lines are terrifying: the coming collapse of the dollar is going to bring a crime wave of unimaginable scale, and our criminal justice system will be as much a liability as our welfare system.

By all accounts the United Prison States of America have created a swollen system of incarceration that does not reduce repeat offenders, destroys families, victimizes many innocent people, and create monsters who are able to search and seize Americans as if they had no bill of rights – much less a Bill of Rights. More craftily written laws and enforcement drones have not made us safer or more free. America has turned into the Prison States of America patrolled by rogue villains who take pleasure in depriving citizens of their lives, liberty, and happiness.

As the American Empire crumbles the Police State will turn against the people in exceedingly vicious means to enforce order where none can be found. The Prison State will swell on a failing effort to stem the growing tide of chaos, but to no successful end.

Exhibit A is a simple bar graph showing the ratio of number of people in prison per one hundred thousand people. Nations that have no compliance with any kind of international conventions are either hell-holes or paradises, and are listed on the bottom of the list linked to below. The weighted average is 148/100k, so the Prison States of America has 480% more people than the worldwide average – a full 22% more than our closest competitor, Russia (the home of the collapsed Communist Empire) who is still 350% above average.

Prison States of America

Life, liberty, happiness, anyone? Any pretext of ‘ratios’ playing a primary role in this abysmal ranking for our Police State are actually aggravated by the actual population totals. The Police States of America have half again as many people as Communist China in prison!

Prison States of America

If we cannot afford a Nanny State, we can afford a Prison State even less! How we get away from where we are is anyone’s guess, but is no longer an issue we can afford to pay for.


Written by thetulsan

April 29, 2011 at 11:02 pm

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