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Spoiler: Big Surprise on May 22 Celebrity Apprentice

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Is Gary Busey a wild man with barely under control impulses, unable to function in social situations?

Not in my experience! Daring an ignominious rebuke between fights at Tulsa Fight Night, I approached Gary ringside. He was talking politely to folk, and turned to speak with me when I meekly said his name. In fact, he nursed one our two drinks and actually paid attention to the boxers (which is more than the magnates in the room can say).

So of course I had to tell him he was set up by Meatloaf and Lil Jon and that talentless John Rich. He was a real gent and did not take the bait, and deflected the issue by emphasizing that the season was not over. Tellingly he became quite animated and promised that a big surprise was going to happen on the May 22 episode.

Is Gary going to be resurrected? Is The Donald going to finally let Bene, LaToya and Star scratch their eyeballs out? Will the Guys actually use their supposed musical prowess to spur their creativity? Like Trump’s nascent campaign, the future is unclear.

I had wondered if Gary was truly out of it or acts out an expectation of nuttiness.  Having the chance to politely observe him over an evening he did not appear to be a boozing nut job. Busey is just the same goofy person he was during his Mezzeppa days.

Thanks for being such a standup dude, Gary, you can bet I will tune in May 22!


Written by thetulsan

May 6, 2011 at 8:32 am

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