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Gawker Blog liketh Tulthan Bill Hader! Thurprithed?! Thez Tultha Thon Bill Hader the Highlight of Eth-en-EL!

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The thespian in the family cannot watch SNL – too much mugging, not enough acting, and generally hammy performances apparently are not the stuff to be wasting time on. So when media gawker Gawker tips its hat to Tulsa boy Bill Hader as the ‘only part’ of Tina Fey-hosted SNL worth watching, we should click on that story.

Gawker is the epitome of erudittiness in drag as droll smarmy commentary – and the dude who recaps ‘American Idol’ is so good, it is surprising that the same blog does no skit-by-skit skewering of New York’s SNL (must be an East Coast/West Coast thang that we would not understand). Here is the Gawker ‘article’ on Hader’s performance:

Here’s the Only Part of This Week’s SNL Worth Watching So, Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this week! She was OK, but nothing from the episode really stood out… that is, until Bill Hader reprised his role as Stefon—Weekend Update’s club-hopping “City Correspondent”—who came armed with the most ridiculous suggestions imaginable for a Mother’s Day out. The bit succeeded in its own right, but the fact that Hader broke character about 20 times to regain his composure made everything funnier.

No, it did not. Seeing Hader unable to keep from mugging is only funny if the whole place is in stitches, not if he is leading the giggles. The entire cast cannot act, and their absolute reliance on cue cards means they NEVER ever even make eye contact with each other. Note how real actors who appear on SNL will try in vain to connect with their co-stars, just to have the SNL regulars stare off into space with self-congratulatory smirks on their faces as their eyes go left to right left to right . . .


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May 8, 2011 at 7:53 am

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