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The Coming Age of Summary Executions: Good-bye 4th Amendment

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Did you hear the good news? Police nationwide are now able to knock on your door and kick it in and shoot you dead in cold blood – and you cannot do anything about it! Ha ha ha! You think having Tulsa Police falsify punk misdemeanor charges are something, wait until they start blasting away!

The 4th Amendment is now relegated to the dust bin of history! Two cases illustrate the State and Federal attack on your dopey rights. The United States Supreme Court ruled 8-1 (NOT EVEN CLOSE) that if a cop says he smells drugs at a door he has every right to kick it open if he thinks ‘evidence’ is being destroyed; ‘exigent’ circumstances now allow unannounced no-knock entries – and what if the dirty rotten criminal is thought to reach for something: BLAM BLAM!

The Indiana Supreme Court went one further, saying that police cannot be resisted even if they have NO REASON to demand entry into your home! Three gods in black robes have decided that 200+ years of the Bill of Rights is enough, and that we have no 4th Amendment.

This is going to kill someone, police and civilians alike. Already the news is replete with stories of fatalities at the hands of bad cops and stupid cops, how much more power does the State need for its police?


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