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TULSA POLICE STATE FAIL: Vehicle Borne IED (Tanker Truck) Careens from Owasso to Tulsa Mayfest over Busy Highways

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VIED County and City Tulsans alike have further reasons for fear following a failed freakish ‘police’ state ‘pursuit’ early Saturday afternoon. For reasons unknown an Eagle Transport fuel truck (no such thing as bad publicity) blew through a red light in Owasso and proceeded at breakneck speeds all the way to Tulsa City Hall, at the foot of the Bank of Oklahoma Tower – JUST YARDS FROM WHERE BUCOLIC ART-LOVING TULSANS WERE ENJOYING MAYFEST AND BLUEDOMEDISTRICTFEST!

Bizarrely, not one law enforcement agency was able to stop the careening carrier as it blew through busy highways all the way to downtown Tulsa! The driver of the out-of-control big rig was most likely afraid of revealing his mixed-metaphor name – Rocky Nail – to Owasso ossifers. A roadblock was quickly established at 46th St North which the caged-up cagey driver was able to skirt around and continue unstoppable over the MLK all the way to 1st and Cincinnati with his explosive vapors!

Apparently he had the mixins of meth in the cab – discovered only after he crushed one car and damaged up to four others. When responding law enforcement agencies fired shots into or at the vehicle will be a source of dispute – inasmuch as they may take credit for heroically stopping the dangerous druggie dunce when he alone deserves all the credit. Further, why was the explosive behemoth able to make it so far, and to the most densely populated section of the City and County?


Written by thetulsan

May 22, 2011 at 11:36 am

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