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Trolling Tulsa Comment Boards: A Distrust of Adjectives

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Ossifer Trollbern, I presume?
Because we have soooooo many comments – not! – it is difficult to manage them all. One comment deserves a response because the commenter was good enough to express an opinion on a controversial issue that I commented about on some other blog or something, and sent its response to’s own email addy! Props!

Friday, that Someone responded to said whatever trollisms I was laying down on that other blog with:

‘I feel ANYBODY whom gets between police and their pursuant should be arrested and detained until investagations are completed…I also don’t care who they are, the police are there to do a job & i am DAMN glad they are out there doing it.
I have NOT lost respect for our”justice system” and can truely say i support the law and abide by it. Those of you “that just affirms what most Tulsans already feel about their ‘justice’ system….i can oly say gosh i hope you get caught speeding like you always do!!!

Thank you for stepping up with an opinion! Not sure what a ‘pursuant’ is in terms of a noun, but I understand that ‘pusuant’ is an ‘adjective’. I do not know why you have such a fear and distrust of adjectives, because I use them allllll the time and not once has one gotten in the way of a sworn ossifer performing his/her duties.

Here is something for you to consider from a thread over at Reddit. Oddly enough, we saw this item come up on POPURLS (a social-media cobalt blue top banner link on your internet pal,!), and given the recent turn of events thought this would be worth sharing:

My wife decided she wanted to become a police officer after we were married and knowing her personality I championed her choice to do so. She is probably the most honest and justice oriented person I have ever met, exactly what someone should be as an officer.
I have always had a very bad opinion of the police but thought seeing what they go through on a daily basis could help change my prejudices.
It has now been over 3 years and having met many of her fellow officers at parties or events, I have a lower opinion of the police then before I got to know any of them outside of their official capacities.
I truly believe that for every decent person who gets into law enforcement to protect people and play in role in providing justice, there are 50 people that just want a legal way to bully and berate “the public.”
The worst part is that I am starting to see little changes in my wife that only make sense when you are surrounded by people that don’t hold your values, and see everyone but other cops as the enemy and something that needs to be “dealt with.”

So get beat down by a couple or marry one or be the alcohol dispenser for one. But until then lay off the adjectives.


Written by thetulsan

May 24, 2011 at 11:49 am

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