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Ich ben Joplander

Everyone knows someone whose house was destroyed – or worse – by the Joplin tornado. This horrific event has scarred Green Country in ways unimaginable and brought total devastation to our doorstep. Frighteningly, that was pretty much an average storm in this neck of the woods, business as usual; nothing about that storm system really indicated that it was going to obliterate the lives and treasures and hopes of so many neighbors. Every Tulsan has good reason to fear tornadoes, and would do well to pay heed to all storm warnings and be prepared.

The cold-water funnel pictured above is looking due north from W 31st St N down N 41st W Ave, probably after the storm cell went over Lake Skiatook. The scary thing about this is that this event was not even noted by the weather services that day.

The terrifying truth about the Joplin tornado is that it was Business-as-Usual – just another stormy mess heading eastward. There was nothing about that system that was forboding or distinct.


Written by thetulsan

May 28, 2011 at 12:47 am

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