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A Mean Little Town with Mean Little People: The Race Riot Group is still in Control of Tulsa…

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…and nothing quite says so like the findings of the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSR). In the Fascist Police State of Amerikkka – with its horrific incarceration rate of 720 people per 100,000 – the Bronze Medal for Police Misconduct goes to our beloved T-Town! Naively, I thought Tulsa was Bedford Falls but it is not – Tulsa is Pottersville! A mean little city filled with mean little people, and the meanest of all are the Tulsa Police!

Think about it: Tulsans are not third for crime overall nationwide or in any one category, but in this category, cop crime, we excel! Why is that? Who even cares? This Land Press seems to, anyway, as blogger Joshua Kline reports. Good for them! Good for Joshua Kline! I guess that is the last any of them will ever think about it or be willing to ‘go out on a limb’ about it – I hope not but there I go there again alienating good folk trying to make a difference.

The Police State of Tulsa

The Police State is not only alive and well in Tulsa – my guess is that it was groomed and bred in Tulsa and exported outward. The model of ethnic cleansing of African Americans whereby they were burned out of their homes, concentrated at the Tulsa Fairgrounds, and driven out on trains to parts unknown (mainly Muskogee) – are all too familiar to anyone paying attention. The sentiment of literally everyone I speak with is that the police everywhere are out of control, and they are out of control in only two Amerikkkan cities more than Tulsa.


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