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Tulsans' Original Revolutionary Website! All you need to know about Tulsa Police and What a Hell Hole Tulsa Is

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Of course the trial for my grave offenses is Wednesday, June 15, in Municipal Court 1. I have already been advised that no matter what I will be found guilty, because the judge has to work with the police every day and that prevents any serious ‘attack’ on my assailant’s credibility.

That is right. In the podunk hick hellhole of Tulsa, with its police mired in misconduct, and a raft of evidence indicating that the charges were exaggerated to a ridiculous degree to cover up the abuse I experienced.

And the City Prosecutor, who is just rolling with my assailant’s story, he has not even spoken with me to hear my story. Well, Mr. Shapiro, soon you will. Will you even be at my trial? Remember me, ‘oh, yeah, the Mouthy one’? You have staked you professional reputation on it so I sure hope so.

Well the whole world is going to hear the story and what a crappy police force we have and what a joke our City is and what a devil the above-named is based on my ‘interaction’ with him. He – Tulsa Police Officer James Tornberg – is going to provide the URL, but the entire story with every insult and tortuous treatment and every lie is going to be published for review and serve as an indictiment of how dysfunctional our ‘justice’ system is in Pottersville. My assailant’s falsified reports are preposterous and will be deconstructed line by line, the results of my polygraph test will be available for review, an exacting timeline of the events will be present, a video presentation of the accident scene will be offered . . .

Basically my warning to people outside of Tulsa will be and specifically After 25 years of dedicating myself and my family to being a good citizen this is my reward, and I can honestly say I now despise the town I once loved. I always meant this website to be a kind of love letter to a pretty town chock full of polite people but honestly this place blows. I have not changed, Tulsa has changed. Most Tulsans feel unsafe and for good reason.

The night of April 9 found a good citizen treated like he was in some third world country – by literally every Tulsa Police Officer he encountered.

If you want big-city amenities like crime, isolation, taxes, crappy schools, but reinforced by the good-old-boy networks and secret alliances of inbred hick towns, come on down to Tulsa. Otherwise, you can do much much better no matter where you go. Everything you need to know about Tulsa you can learn from The Outsiders – and 90% of us are Outsiders.


2 Responses

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  1. I was looking for some of the websites that you reference and there is nothing there. What up with that?


    June 8, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    • Readers please note the ‘JT” above used the email address jtornberg/

      Please check back on the site after my criminal trial June 15.


      June 9, 2011 at 7:03 am

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