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Corrupt Tulsa Police Department to Stay Corrupt

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Of three police officers ensnared in a Federal sting, two were acquitted, leading Police Chief Chuck Jordan to issue this confusing statement:

“We cannot afford to have our legitimacy as a premier police department slip away at the hands of a few,” said Jordan. “These developments should in no way paint a picture of the remaining Tulsa police officers who continue to serve and protect the citizens of Tulsa on a daily basis.”

I am confused because his sixth most arresting officer unlawfully arrested, beat the hell out of, and then left an injured motorist in handcuffs so tight for two hours he still has scars. Mmmmmmm. Jordan needs to go pronto.

And do the acquitted agree with the Chief? That is, do they feel that Wells is ‘one of the few’ bad apples in the basket? No. In fact they feel he is 100% innocent. And the Department does not feel they – the accused – are innocent. Their press release states:

‘Our credibility as a police department has been shaken due to this incident. Four former members of our department strayed from ethical decision-making and, as a result, has eroded the public trust. We cannot afford to have our legitimacy as a premier police department slip away at the hands of a few.’

That is not a ringing endorsement of their worth to the Department, is it? Is Jordan even aware that Tulsa Police are world-class jerks, up there with NYC and LA for police misconduct? He is not helping matters and someone should really help him out the door with a majority of the TPD.

In my case, I can prove several falsified ‘facts’ that accompanied my assault. Wonder if the Chief is going to make good on his promise to have a ‘zero tolerance’ posture toward records falsification? Well, we will find out Monday!


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