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City of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sunday, June 12, 2011

At about 7:00pm on Saturday, April 9, Tulsan Timothy Huntzinger was injured in a traffic accident in which his Hyundai Elantra was totaled by a luxury sports-utility-vehicle traveling 40-45 MPH (driven by Rosa Hood) as he was stopping for a left-turning vehicle (driven by Sarah/Jane Cox). Huntzinger was ticketed for ‘inattentive driving’ by 7-year Tulsa Police Department Officer James L. Tornberg. Tornberg then cited Huntzinger for ‘obstructing an investigation’ – a misdemeanor under City of Tulsa code – as Huntzinger took pictures of the accident scene.

Huntzinger was less than a mile from his home, on his way back from work to take his four-year-old daughter to the hospital for a possible emergency appendectomy. Suffering unknown injuries, he found himself face-to-face with a maniac trying to throw his body haphazardly into traffic.

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Huntzinger will swear in City of Tulsa Municipal Court 1 Wednesday, June 15 that – as he was arrested for the misdemeanor – City of Tulsa Police Officer James Tornberg committed felonious assault and battery, unlawful arrest, prisoner abuse, and purposefully submitting false reports. Graver offenses are suspected but at this time shall remain unnamed.

Huntzinger alleges he was viciously assaulted by Tornberg, after Tornberg commenced what he [Tornberg] can only construe as a lawful, clear, and appropriate command to not obstruct his investigation – communicated with a barking shout of ‘Three!’

On ‘One!’ Tornberg charged Huntzinger, ripping Huntzinger’s shirt off his body as Officer Tornberg attempted to throw the injured motorist onto an open roadway. Huntzinger was punched twice in the face, manhandled by the necktie, beat in the back with a baton, pinned and ‘bounced up and down on’ by an employee of Storey Wrecker. Blacking out, and feebly offering his one free hand to Tornberg – other hand trapped below his injured ribcage being bounced on by the Storey Wrecker driver, Huntzinger was pepper-sprayed in the face at point-blank range while being pinned to the ground.

The injured store worker was left in handcuffs for approximately two hours, and still has scars left by their abuse.

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Ticketed for ‘inattentive driving,’ Huntzinger categorically denies he was at fault, and that Tornberg knowingly issued the ticket without cause. ‘His assertion is without any foundation,’ Huntzinger states. ‘His storyline is that I hit the car in front first, and then was hit from behind. He stated in his arrest report that one-on-one I said I hit her [Ms. Cox] when he first interviewed me, but later, when he handed me the ticket in front of witnesses, he did not reassert that falsehood but instead gave an unintelligible explanation about leaving enough room for the car in front to turn so that even if hit from behind I would not hit it. I was doing the exact opposite of driving inattentively and I told him so much the first time we spoke.’

Unmentioned in either accident or arrest report is the fact that Huntzinger’s airbag did not deploy; the 46-year-old was sent careening into Ms. Cox’s stopped vehicle with nothing but a seatbelt to save his life. ‘As I was slowing for Ms. Cox I saw the car bearing down on me and braced myself – she was coming on full speed and I knew it was going to hurt bad.’ Huntzinger’s left knee hit the dashboard while his chest slammed into the steering wheel, his neck and back were strained by the impact, while the restraint system injured his left arm. ‘My whole body felt like someone had just worked me over with a big stick. I was surprised to even be walking, but was having trouble taking full breaths, could not bend over from by hips or back, could not bend my left knee, my left arm felt like someone had punched it with a hammer, my neck was quickly stiffening, and my head was throbbing – I think it hit the rearview mirror. Everything was moving in slow motion and there was a feeling of unreality about what happened.’

The accident report Tornberg submitted indicated Ms. Cox heard ‘screeching tires,’ yet in other statements – to investigators – she does not hear any screeching tires. Further, Ms. Cox reports being hit once, the significance of which cannot be understated. Huntzinger explains, ‘If my assailant is to be believed, I hit Cox so hard her SUV traveled about thirty to forty feet, while I was nearly simultaneously being hit from behind by Ms. Hood. Somehow, though, my car was hit hard enough from behind to total it – yet stopped magically an inch behind Cox’s car.’

Pictures of the accident scene show no tire marks; further, both cars are equipped with anti-lock braking systems. Additional pictures show (obviously) new debris a full car-length behind Ms. Hood’s vehicle; assuming Huntzinger’s small car was in fact struck by Ms. Hood’s larger SUV, this can be only assumed to be from Huntzinger’s vehicle. ‘A second officer stopped just short of the debris I spotted, and this was after the fire department had cleaned up. So no doubt there was more there and that is why the officer stopped where she did.’

Tornberg’s accident report shows three cars in a diagram, but only two with measuring points. The report shows Huntzinger’s and Cox’s bumper-to-bumper, something Huntzinger says is impossible. ‘My wife and a friend stopped by the scene before going to the hospital, and both saw that there was a distance of 15-20 feet between the vehicles.’ Huntzinger also reports that the actual measurements were not taken until much later. ‘I saw a second officer measuring later, but my car was already on the wrecker. There is no mistaking the diagram was clearly fraudulent, and designed to fit the officer’s narrative. There is no way the vehicles were as close as the diagram he submitted, not by a mile.’

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Written by thetulsan

June 12, 2011 at 10:59 am

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