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HAPPY JUNETEENTH: SILENCE IS BETRAYAL: Can Cops be Serial Abusers? In Tulsa Oklahoma they Have the Green Light!

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One of the keystone theses of criminology is that criminals are not often ‘single incident’ perpetrators, but that a ‘good’ criminal will know how to commit the same crime or a very similar crime employing a set of devices or techniques. Even Tulsa Police Officers with evident learning disabilities and emotional derangement can do that.

Especially with crimes of personal abuse, where the perpetrator derives pleasure from seeing pain and suffering, the perpetrator is assisted by the victims’ shame, guilt, and intimidated by the victimizer’s social status.

Virtually every single case where a rapist, child molester, or abuser is caught, a slow parade of victims reluctantly steps forward. In virtually every single case the victims were isolated and unaware of the other victims, and in the most widespread case of child abuse – the so-called ‘Catholic Priest Scandal’ – the response of the Church was(is?) to blame the victim and use shame, guilt, fear to keep their silence. YOUR own Frank Keating said it was like working with organized crime, did he not?

Well, as I am writing this I am listening to Dr. King’s ‘Silence is Betrayal’ speech, and I have been thrown into a position where I can be silent and betray my country and my God or step up and stop a monster from his rampage of violence and atrocities. Whatever will be there? Hmmmmmm. Maybe pictures of the scars on my wrists. Maybe an approximation of his diagram of the accident scene that he submitted in court. Maybe bible verses and pictures of cute kittens. Hopefully, nothing.

Only five other Tulsa Police Officers arrest more people than James Lee Tornberg. He performed that feat when stationed at Division North; for Outsiders, that would be the poor part of town. How many dozens and dozens – possibly HUNDREDS – of victims were discouraged from complaining of their abuse, were truly guilty of some loathsome act, or simply did not have the resources or wherewithal to fight for their rights? We will see, talk to Officials about the ‘anti-snitch culture’ and justified fears of retribution.

Even with those factors working against even reporting misconduct, Tulsa is arguably the Crown Jewel of Misconduct of the Police State. Oklahoma is the #1 State for reports of Police Misconduct, and Tulsa is #3 in the nation. YOU do the math.

The fact that perpetrators who use their position of authority rarely abuse just one person may be the reason why – despite these villainous charges, despite ‘Tweeting’ @tulsapolice, despite publishing these allegations – the Tulsa Police Department will (like the Catholic Church and numerous schools and churches – want to ignore them as long as possible.

But to paraphrase Dr. King, ‘Something is happening and people are not gonna be silent.’ Not any longer.


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