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THE SMART ONES GET OUT: No Matter What, do NOT do Business with/within the City of Tulsa (Storey Wrecker Service Above Law)

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If you can help it, that is. Do not seek to sign a contract with the City or seek business with the City. Do not shop, drive, or buy property in this City. If you can drive around the roadbump known as Tulsa, do that. If you have a layover on a plane, ask to stay on board. Say someone you know is thinking about moving to Tulsa, do everything in your legal power to dissuade them from doing so. Your boss hands you a check for a meelion dollars, says you have to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma for an overnight and the money is yours, just push it away and shake your head.

Why should Outsiders avoid the City of Tulsa like it is a diseased piece of roadmeat on some hick backcountry road?

Because if you have a dispute with the City, you will be subject to the most incompetent, bizarre, and corrupt City Legal Department in the State. Again, the entire he-said-she-said of my story will be available for independent review, but any City Tulsan needs to know right now that every single dime you have given the City has been wasted. Absolutely wasted. I cannot believe I have wasted a quarter century of my life in this town. One thing is for sure this Tulsan is leaving the building ASAP!

So if you have a business proposition for the City or are seeking to do business within City Limits. Do not. As a 25-year citizen and promoter of Tulsa, I now know why virtually every single graduate of Tulsa Public Schools leaves and never come back to live. There are reasons, good reasons!

Here is a reason:

One good reason to avoid Tulsa at all costs!

THAT is the car you or acquaintance or precious loved one was driving just before the savage assault.

At any moment you may be viciously assaulted by a member of the Tulsa Police Department and prosecuted for this privilege by the City Legal Department. You can be left in handcuffs on so tightly that two months later there are still (permanent?) scars. If someone you love and care about visits Tulsa, and say that person is pretty banged up in a car accident, that person stands an excellent chance of disappearing without a word into the Tulsa ‘justice’ system with homeless criminals. Say a professional you know is driving less than a mile from his swanky hotel, that person can be left on the side of the road helpless with pepper spray eating into his/her shredded cornea for forty-five minutes.

While that law-abiding citizen is racked with pain from a horrific accident and being viciously beat and thrown to the pavement, waiting for no-one-says-what, that citizen can expect to have a GUN shoved into his back – like he was some violent criminal ready to break free of the cuffs, hop onto his feet, and sprint at full injured gallop away from at least SIX responding officers! And the Division officer-on-duty may show up at the scene like some big tough guy barking at your injured, cuffed, blinded acquaintance/loved one ‘We got witnesses!’ he would scream at the semi-conscious victim. Wracked in pain over every inch of his body, dress clothes in ruin, drooling blood, your precious loved one could only feebly croak, ‘Witnesses? To what?’

If your loved one has any kind of mental disorder- say depression – and confesses that suicide has crossed his/her mind as he/she sits in anguish for hours with tortuous handcuffs cutting off the circulation to his/her hands – he can expect the enlightened Tulsa Police to laugh out loud at him/her, chuckling it up with other arrestees.

Later, in court, one can expect the City to call your acquaintance/friend/coworker/family member a liar because the arresting officer only tore HALF his brightly colored work shirt off – and not ‘tore the shirt off his body.’ In court, relevant documentations that pertain to your dispute will be . . . quietly forgotten and not given to the defense attorney.

Say that after Court you realize that the prosecution witnesses may be under the mistaken impression that the City Prosecutor is looking after their interests, and that the coaching they were subject to gives them some kind of immunity. Say this person you know makes a good-faith effort and calls the employer of one of the assailants – Storey Wreckers – to apprise them of this. Would that important business, who brags about how much business they do with the City, County, and State, even call your acquaintance back? Nope. One of the biggest contractors with the City thinks it is above the law.

In Tulsa, that is how business gets done.


Written by thetulsan

June 19, 2011 at 9:17 am

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