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Why Should I Move to Tulsa? All the Smart Ones Leave and the Lucky Ones Escape!

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The short answer is of course a resounding is that there is NO reason to move here. Seriously, it must be pretty bad wherever you are at, but as a 25-year resident I can no longer recommend the City of Tulsa as any place to buy property, do business within, visit, drive-through, et al.  The longer answer would be only if you want the heartlessness of a big city and its crime and degeneracy, with that claustrophobic feeling of a an inbred hick town replete with all the ‘justice’ of some nightmare backwoods country road. I hear rumors that it may be better in other parts of this County, but I would not bet on that either.

Look, I have dedicated 25 years to this town and as an observer I am warning you Outsiders that things are getting worse on every front. Crime is unstoppable, the political dysfunction is more profound than ever, the schools are going downhill, and official corruption is so routine it is unremarkable. The wheels are getting ready to come off this place like everywhere else, so stay where you are. That unseen group that organized, executed, and strove to cover up the so-called Race Riot are still in control of this backwater hell hole. 90% of Tulsans recently polled felt unsafe in the City for good reason.

There are more than a few reasons why the youth grow up here, graduate from school, and leave never to look back. They know that this place blows, just ask them. My daughter and her fiance are outta here, for instance, without even the most remote chance they will ever move back. Literally they would laugh in your face if you suggested they move back. I am telling you without any hope of recompense, or further explanation beyond what you can discern from my writings on this ‘blog,’ the only people who live here have to, and those with the power to leave, do. Cute neighborhoods or not, they split this scene; sure they may reminisce about a few cute buildings but they are out of here for good.

For myself the race to escape is on. If I had my choice I would literally walk away from my job, mortgage, acquaintances, and a quarter century of memories in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I am not a dick-tater and cannot make such unilateral decisions on my own (remember it is better not to marry…) or all you would see of me is a dust cloud. I am 100% good on just picking up and moving on! If this City allows one of its police officers to falsely arrest me, brutalize me with pepper spray and left with handcuffs on so tightly that I have permanent scars, then force me to pay THEM a cool one thousand dollars, and a scarlet ‘A’ on the old resume? Think I would ever recommend you do any business with this City? Not on your life, your family’s life, or anyone you care about at all. Stay out of the City of Tulsa. Nothing here is worth going through what you may experience. ‘Isolated’ or not, it happened to me! Less than one mile from my home off Southern Hills Country Club! You can do a lot better than Tulsa, Oklahoma!

I am not making this story up. I do not know what else to do but swear an oath to God in a City of Tulsa Municipal Court that this is true. I was nearly killed in a traffic accident, then assaulted by Police Officer James Tornberg – I have testified used pepper spray in a felonious assault as I lay pinned on the ground. The man pinning me on the ground has given three separate reasons for doing so, and contradicts the sworn testimony of Tornberg. This happens while the Police Chief has announced a ‘zero policy’ towards police misconduct. This guy is a monster who brutalized me and he is cocked an ready to do it again, and has probably done it to who-knows-how-many-others. I swear to God.

Should you relocate to Tulsa? Start a business here in Tulsa? Go to school in Tulsa? Plan a trip to Tulsa? Schedule a business meeting our conference in Tulsa? HELL NO. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this charming nightmare as you can. Remember, all the smart ones leave! The only people who move here HAVE TO! Buy land in the County or nearby Counties if you HAVE TO, but do not buy in the City whatever you do! DO NOT DO IT. A special kind of meanness runs these streets, and you or someone you love is going to be hurt by it.

I wish to Heaven that I had graduated from college and left. Man, if I knew then what I know now! But that cannot happen for me, but please take my experience and consider my advice. The smart ones get out of Tulsa, and the lucky ones escape.


Written by thetulsan

June 24, 2011 at 8:56 am

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