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WORLDWIDE EXLUSIVE: Here is Glenn Beck’s New House (PROTIP FOR TULSANS: RENT first when relocating from Tulsa)

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UPDATE: During his return broadcast, Glenn asserts that the rental was under an assumed name, and that non-disclosure documents were passed all the way around. Sounds like Glenn has grounds for backing out of the deal, which he should do anyway to get a real ranch.

Like a lot of people from Tulsa, Glenn Beck is heading for the big ‘D’ – and I mean Dallas! Glenn Beck has announced his move to Texas, and is renting in Grapevine for Twenty Large per mez, if one can believe those bloggers at The New York Daily News. The bloggers at the News ‘hat-tip’ an outside blogger, which means someone spilled the beans on Beck – someone who should have been a confidante to the deal.

The Big D!

Look closely at the article above and now the image of the house below, and then at the house marked with the green ‘B.’ Here is a ‘picture’ of that satellite imagery drilled-down all the way. Look, Ma, stalking made easy! This intrusion follows an ugly incident at some stupid, crowded outdoor movie earlier in the week, in which Beck and family were almost harassed out of the park.

Beck, of course, has left New York and the Fox News cult to start a new life as a reborn Texan, and wisely rented as he scopes out life in the Republic. Beck should back out of his deal on the house following the revelation – or rent from himself under a corporation. Either way, his cover is blown.

Protip: RENT FIRST when 'relocating'...


Written by thetulsan

July 1, 2011 at 2:21 pm

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