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Seriously, Avoid the City of Tulsa Oklahoma on the Fourth of July

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There are thugs shooting off guns everywhere at random into the air, neighborhood kids are assaulting cars with bottle rockets, drunks are driving without fear all over the roads, just misery here in Flyover Country.

And going to the Freedomfest or whatever the joke of a fireworks display is called on Riverside? Do not even think about it. The crowds are largely beer soaked hicks who could not escape the ‘City’ for the weekend, there are maybe one stench-filled portapotties for every ten-thousand people, there are concessions in only one location along the ten or so miles of viewing, idiots just will light off fireworks and toss them wantonly into the crowds, parking is a N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E and the bugs are awful. There. That should be enough to stay away, but wait there is more.

Last time we tried to ‘enjoy’ the fireworks? THEY ALMOST KILLED MY FAMILY. The whole kit and kaboodle blew up midway through the show, and inasmuch as we were positioned at the end of the 21st St Bridge, any mortar or round could easily have skipped down the road and right into my family’s lap! Worse, even though it was evident that the Show Would Not Go On, the City let its stupid sheep sit in bewilderment for forty minutes before letting them know that the show had ended. You and your family deserve way better than the City of Tulsa on the Fourth.

I tried to warn as many of the sheep as possible on the way out – but they just stared at me with their glassy, stupid eyes and sat there dumbfounded. Do not be a stupid City Tulsan – even for one event. Your trust will be betrayed. Most Tulsans are too dumb to realize that; check out the applause after the huge, disorganized, messy ‘finale’ – the sheep Tulsans cheer!


Written by thetulsan

July 4, 2011 at 7:23 am

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