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Tulsa: Paintpall Spewing Yuppies’ Bratspawn Terrorize Tulsans from Well-Fed SUV

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How many tricked out Black Chevy Tahoes with black rims are there in Tulsa? So many that our hapless police are having trouble weeding out the punks who are spraying innocent Tulsans with paintballs!

That the culprits are well-heeled dilitants is without question – real drive-bys use real guns, and who else frequents Woodward Park but the homeless and the spoiled progeny of Tulsa’s elite? NO ONE. Of course, if the culprits are real gang-bangers they will be charged with attempted murder and terrorist charges; if the punks are indeed students of Cascia or Jenks or play sports or their daddies are Somebodies in this stagnant pond of corruption, well then the victims will probably be fined for bringing such scurulous accusations against the brats. Especially if the punks are judges’ evil offspring, NOTHING will happen to them. Again, if they are of ‘color’ whhoooooo boy lookout.

And the Tahoe is well-fed! See what blogger Abbie Alford from the Fox23 Blog says, it was ‘supped up’ – which we assume means was spotted leaving the scene after having dinner.

Young Punks on Rampage

See? The young punks’ flashy mommy’s-boys wagon is all supped up! We hope our lousy police can locate this vehicle amongst all the many many supped-up Black Tahoes with black rims out there!


Written by thetulsan

July 7, 2011 at 10:55 am

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