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Mayor Bartlett, where is my Apology?

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I can only tell you as the person who experienced it, and in absolute accordance of the statements offered in sworn testimony can only tell you again, you stupid, stupid, Tulsan: when I was being held face-down in the road by a driver from Storey Wreckers, after having half my shirt ripped off my body and being punched in the face twice and spun around by my work tie and hit in the back with a baton, that, while one my left arm was pinned underneath my body and the right arm was stretched for no less than five seconds – while I had no ability to resist – with my right cheek ground in the road at about 3700 E 61st St – with a knee grinding my head into the ground – that Tulsa Police Officer James Tornberg screamed at me ‘Give me your arm! Give me your arm!’ while I was waving my hand from the wrist just inches from him – officer Tornberg sprayed noxious pepper spray right into my eyes from a distance of about 12 inches.

Mayor Bartlett, where is my apology?


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