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Awkward Ahmed and the Green Laser: KOTV Blog Confuses Church and Mosque in Police Helicopter/Laser ‘Incident’

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‘No need to spank the boy with a pork chop’ by yep_yep at the KOTV blog is a hilarious reply that make the internets just a great, great thing! The boy being a 12-year old who was at some event at the Tulsa Mosque/AKA Dove Science Academy who, late Saturday night spotlighted a Syndicate chopper with a green laser, just to say ‘hi.’ That awkward, awkward, age of 12.

Awkward Ahmed and the Green Laser

But the salient point is made by ‘jt’ that since when is a mosque is a church. Since when? About as long as Tulsa turned from Bedford Falls into hellish Pottersville. That mosque is a church as long as the KOTV blog insists on calling it one, and if one disagrees with that one is a stupid crank.

Methinks Awkward Ahmed youtube playlist should be examined, and if it includes Bruce Cockburn’s ‘If I had a Rocket Launcher,’ he may want to do more than say ‘hi!’


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