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Tulsa City Council Elections: Fat Old Pigs and Gerald Hofmeister

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Most of the drones in Tulsa will not even bother to vote in the municipal elections for Councilors et al and that is OK, because most Americans could really care less about government and their civic duties, but in case anyone is paying attention: any person seeking a City Council position should vow to do everything in their power to end the Fraternal Order of Police’s grip on the City, and should vow to not reappoint Municipal Judge Gerald ‘Jerry’ Hofmeister to the bench.

What else do you apathetic sheep need to know about the Fraternal Order of Police but that when pusch came to shove they voted to deprive Tulsans of extra police protection by forcing the layoffs of dozens and dozens of younger ossifers so that the old, fat parasites praying for 25 years to come could get their raises? Either more cops on the street reduces crime or does not, and what else is it but extortion to demand more officers, but then allow dozens and dozens to be laid off so that the more tenured police keep their jobs and raises? What is that but extortion? Either the FOP is for themselves or for Tulsans and it is clear they are in it for themselves. The Fat Old Pigs need to go. Period. The City needs to fire the Syndicate and hire individual officers who take their oaths seriously.

Next, Gerald Hofmeister – currently City of Tulsa Municipal Court One Judge – is without a doubt – in my opinion – a horrible person who is endangering the lives of Tulsans. It was Hofmeister who ruled against me in my recent case, so yes I am biased but on the same page I have intimate knowledge of his discernment via my ‘trial’ and it is lacking. Hofmeister needs to be shunned, and investigated for the ruling against me. He is unworthy of wearing a black robe, and is an embarrasment to justice in Tulsa – in my opinion. He is appointed by the Council and the Council needs to give him the door so he can do something else on someone else’s dime. Whatever Committee looks at such things really should take a look at this independently. Them or a Grand Jury, or the Feds, or the Bar Association.

Most FOP members are not worthless pieces of turd, and Hofmeister is probably a decent person to folk who know him and work with him. But the Nuremburg Defense no longer works – silence is betrayal and the civil war brewing in America demands action and not compliance.

I repeat myself – I am not an anarchist or cop-hater or have ever had any intentions on being thrust down this line of action – daring to raise my voice and . But YOU get falsely ticketed, falsely arrested, and tortured by the City and see how you react. THEN have some chump like Hofmeister convict you without any remorse and see how YOU feel.

Tulsa is going down the tubes and the FOP and Hofmeister are emblematic of what is wrong with your crummy little town. If your City Councilor or the person seeking that office is unwilling or unable to realize this they do not deserve your vote – and you deserve whatever misery you get in this worthless ‘city.’


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  1. Agree almost entirely. My bias comes from a slightly different perspective though. The self agrandizing, in love with his own voice,pathetic excuse for a dispenser of justice the community knows as Hofmeister,has caused significant damage and contempt to the way Tulsans view the system as a whole.This guy should be put out to pasture since he’s perilously close to become the next Bradford Powers of nefarious memory. He’s ruling on traffic violations,for crying out loud! He’s nothing more than a cashier in black robe,come think of it,woe to the brown skinned infractor that ends up before him,the darker, the sterner. List goes on…The whole structure depends on certain kind of parasites to survive. Understood. But this ‘judge’ is a detriment to such system, even by their own standards.Enough ranting already.

    emilio cardenas

    May 28, 2014 at 11:19 am

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