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Tulsa Deserves a City Manager

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Tulsa’s political dysfunction is so bad, that anyone who thinks that a City Manager will help should pay attention to what is happening in Quartzite Arizona. There, the Mayor discovered several phantom paychecks being issued every month and, when he and supporters began addressing the issue – the City Manager and Chief of Police declared a Civil Emergency and suspended Quartzite’s government, arresting citizens and marching around in tactical gear and holding illegal meetings. Oh, read it all yourself!

Tulsa deserves this level of triangulation. If this pathetic polity in Tulsa cannot get a handle on Strong Mayor/Council form of government, it will totally lose control of the machine with a third player in the mix. Three Chiefs is the living, breathing definition of triangulation, and will introduce a new level of paralysis and dysfunction that will make our current troubles seem simple. Good! You Citizens of the City of Tulsa deserve a less responsive, entrenched, paralyzed City, you really do. Any Tulsan who think that the City is bad now will be heartened to know things are going to get much, much worse with a City Manager. Please please PLEASE introduce a City Manager into the equation! Begging the City PLEASE!

This may be getting old but I am warning any person considering moving to Tulsa or buying property here or relocating a business to Tulsa to not do it – City or County but especially the City. The move to install a City Manager is precisely to blur accountability, denude the popular voice of the people, and add one more player for the bigwigs to manipulate. Tulsa deserves every bit of corruption and confusion it can get. If Tulsa is incapable of producing any leader who can perform as Mayor then it has truly hit the third tier of American cities – something the rest of the country already knows.


Written by thetulsan

July 13, 2011 at 7:28 am

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