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Drought Conditions in Tulsa! Hurrah! (PROTIP: Water while you still can!)

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The words ‘rationing’ or ‘water restrictions’ have not been used to describe the developing water crisis in this parched hell hole once known as ‘Green Country,’ but the ‘big picture’ via the Univeristy of Lincoln – Nebraska shows the severity of the conditions approaching. Dry spells come and go, but this one is for the records.

Drught! Hurrah!

The culprit is widely thought to be the jet stream pattern, which has shifted north over the upper midwest, leaving us in a spiraling bowl of dust! The ground is all hard and nasty, trees are shedding their leaves and browning, new plantings are shriveling up en masse . . . and these are ‘moderate’ conditions! Fun! Look at the jet stream as it just causes that hot dry cycle of hellish air round and round o’erhead! That is just great!

Drought always brings up the fact that Oklahoma has no natural lakes – they are all stopped-up prairie rivers and streams, and all of which are uncomfortably tepid in the heat of summer (toxic blue-green algae aside). One may ask, ‘Are the auquifers in Texas drying up?’, the answer being quite clearly ‘yes.’ So, is the drought spreading from Texas an effect of the jet stream, or the rapidly emptying canyons of undergound freshwater lakes and seas?

Jet stream, aquifers, or super-volcanoes, our protip is (besides moving from Tulsa) is to water, water, and water. Water deep and water long, while you still can!


Written by thetulsan

July 14, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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