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Google Search: ‘Drought Conditions in Tulsa’ TheTulsan over Tulsa World! DO NOT Settle for Tulsa!

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So before the Tulsa World, KOTV, Tulsa Master Gardeners, it is’s blog that comes up! Hurrah!

The idea is that as folk search for key terms they will come to this unread blog to learn what a piece of crap town and area Tulsa really is. There is the belief in marketing and sales that a person with a great experience will tell one person but a ‘brand detractor’ will tell ten folk about why they are a detractor from that brand.

So, for ten years I have been beating the drumbeat for Tulsa without any compensation or reason but that I loved this city and living here (witness the glowing review of Tulsa, Oklahoma on my Panoramio account I have not typified the City as backwards or awful and purposefully kept my assessments fairly rose-colored.) Tulsa had an advocate and a welcome wagon and someone willing to tell the world to move to ‘T-town.’ My goal for a decade has/had been to make Tulsa seem quirky, interesting, teeming with activities, and a great place to live and raise a family. Now I realize too late that this place is just another podunk flyover town with an exaggerated sense of its amenities and value; worse, my Tulsa/Bedford Falls has turned into hellish Pottersville. My advocacy has now turned into a non-stop effort to dissuade others from considering moving into the City of Tulsa, frankly, because of my grievances.

The only people who settle in Tulsa, Oklahoma settle for living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma is like being trapped in an office building elevator with a bunch of strangers – everyone is polite but no one wants to be there and cannot wait to get out.

Fire and prosecute James Tornberg, Chief Jordan. Fire David Shapiro, Mr. Mayor. Council, investigate and terminate Gerald Hofmeister’s association with the City. End the City’s contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. Those things would help toward recovering that warm, fuzzy, feeling, but not really.

In my work I have many opportunities to play the welcome wagon for people passing through or visiting, and now I gladly steer them down the road and say nothing about where to go, or what to do to experience some Tulsa charm – away from the retail powerhouse in South Tulsa. Now I cannot in good faith encourage visitors to spend any more time in this place than necessary. Nothing happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma worth bothering about, move along. Whats new? Nothing.

So now I troll key terms related to moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma and just comment-bomb them with warnings to stay away. Some may dismiss these warnings as just troll sputem, but hopefully many more will use them to narrow their relocation searches. Tulsa, Oklahoma is a boring, corrupt, isolated and way overrated place to live. The blinders are off, the brand detraction is permanent. Life is too short to waste on Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Written by thetulsan

July 18, 2011 at 9:41 am

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