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DEFAMATION: TulsaNow Thread Dedicated to Me! Second time in Ten Years!

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How pathetic are the majority of trolls at ‘TulsaNow’? So pathetic they cannot read! So apathetic they do not care! So lame and they do not know it!

1. One idiot does not understand that having pepper spray in the eyes has a way of making them ‘red.’ But easier to say that I look drunk than read. Further, that right eye? Shredded cornea! But Tornberg put in his report that my eyes ‘were clear and flushed,’ when even hours later I was literally blind – it took over a month to regain most of my sight but now I have permanent blurred vision in that eye.

2. I was joking when I said I went sprinting away. I understand that the subtleties of my writing may escape some – most! – readers, but after my body was smashed into my dashboard I was in no shape to sprint away or fight off three people for three minutes, as Conway testified. Again, easier to be read my writing literally when it satisfies the bias – my cryptic writing style has always confounded readers but there you go.

3. If my attempts to dissuade just a few casual surfers from choosing Tulsa are ineffectual, why would it endanger the selling of my house? Tulsa City will continue to dribble in people hoping for a better life here, my point is that they should cast their fortunes elsewhere. I love my house and my neighborhood, too bad it is in the City is all.

4. And the mugshot! Looks great, according to ‘Conan.’ Funny, because I did submit pics of my injuries during trial and the Prosecutor said it was impossible to tell if the bruising was the car accident or the assault. So either it appears that nothing has happened or that something did happen but not what I said. My mouth was so swollen and bruised I had difficulty speaking for a good week, I have permanent scars from the handcuffs on both wrists, I had to keep one eye closed for an entire week (and work retail: fun!) Garsh, I guess I could post my doctors’ notes, but who is to say what caused the ‘injuries?’

5. I do not read or lurk over at the boards over there – ever never ever. Nothing anyone has to say over there is worth the time. ‘TulsaNow’ is some inbred group of wonks who want to portray Tulsa as something it is not: hip, active, progressive, when it is just a huge stick in the mud. Literally in about ten years the group has ossified, not grown. Just like Tulsa during its lifetime: no new blood, no ‘new kind of energy,’ just the same old people fighting to keep everyone else ‘outsiders.’


So the trolls over at TulsaNow want to debate me in absentia, which is kind of how they roll. Cowards and nibbling litte ankle biters for the most part. Hey girls, just so you know: I have never had dual logins at your site, ever! Also, I notice it is the same old crew trolling it up over there: way to grow!

Funny, one of the trolls says I am unstable! Same job for twelve years! Same wife for twenty four! No criminal history! No lawsuits! No scandal! No psychiatric hospitalizations! No run-ins with our lousy police! Just a dude with a blog who is unafraid to speak out. Unstable. THAT sounds a wee bit like defamation. Another troll says I am irrational, based on what? I have not met any of these people, ever! THAT is more like defamation. Literally, I have not met any of these people or had any business that I know of with any of the people who posted those things. That is how they roll in Tulsa, Oklahoma. T-town is Trolberg-Town!

And Conan71! Et tu! Again, just repeating for newbies to my story: was no drinky drinky! Was no druggy! Nope: the incident is exactly how I have described it. On my way home from work to take my daughter to the hospital was damn near killed by Rosa Hood, ticketed by Tornberg and when I mouthed off to James Tornberg he took me down hard! Big bad Tornberg used pepper spray in my face when I was held facedown in the middle of 61st Street after surviving a fairly horrific traffic accident. Tornberg fictionalized his arrest report, coached witnesses, and has not done one damn thing to stop me from talking about this – if this were false how long do you think I would be allowed to say it was?

If Ron Conway from Storey Wreckers is not a case of one bad witness how is it he gave three separate accounts of his intervention at the scene and still has not taken action against me for the accusation? And your thread, ‘Townsend,’ ‘Lost my fight?’ According to Conway, it took two officers and Conway up to three minutes to subdue me – this is after I was in that car accident in which the airbag did not deploy. Three minutes for three people to subdue me – as long as a regulation boxing match! And brave Conway stopped me just as I was breaking into my third or fourth stride! ‘Ha ha ha car wreck’ I said as I went sprinting away! ‘I am indestructible!’

Again, I repeat, Tulsa is not the worse place in the world but it must suck pretty bad wherever you are if you are considering moving to Tulsa. My advice is to weather out wherever you are and do not move to the City of Tulsa. This place is way way way overrated -not the worse but you can do better in many similar places in the grand old USA. Sure bad things happen everywhere all the time to good people for no reason. God chooses by lots –

I repeat: after my daughter (born and raised in this town) is married this Saturday, the next item on my agenda is to get my house on the market, rent out of the City, and then get out of and as far away as possible from this podunk hell-hole. 25 years too long! Not a minute more than necessary!


Written by thetulsan

July 18, 2011 at 12:47 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Hey where are you moving to? Gene

    Gene Hinsley

    July 18, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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