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What does David Shapiro of Tulsa, OK hope to find on the Internets about David Shapiro of Tulsa, OK?

leave a comment » is totally an ‘html’ document, delivered via some unintelligible FTP program with limited analytics, basically the webmaster can see the number of visits but little else. ‘blog’ (this site) is powered by WordPress, so that more detailed information is available. Of particular interest are the search terms that bring visits.

Since April 9, the day of my false ticketing, arrest, and torture at the hands of the City of Tulsa it has been interesting to see what search terms have drawn visitors. Since my conviction the traffic has waned but this morning my persecutor’s name popped up as a search term. Now there are not many David Shapiros in Tulsa and this blog is the only place that explains what an incredibly wicked and vile piece of human waste that prosecutor is. It may not be a great idea to challenge the prosecutor to a pissing contest before a trial, but being the ‘mouthy one’ (as I heard him allude to myself over the phone during one of the two five-minute meetings with my ‘counsel’ before trial) I just could not stay silent.

That I was even having charges not only dropped but pursued vigorously was just too much not to speak out to warn others what a corrupt place Tulsa is and how incredibly evil and vile the people who work in its injustice system are. I always knew that Tulsa was good-old-boysy, backroomish, cliquish affair but after my horrific experiences it has become my number one mission to warn the world about Tulsa, David Shapiro, Judge Gerald Hofmeister, Tulsa Police Officer James Tornberg, liar Rosa Hood, liar Ron Coleman of Storey Wreckers, and what they did to me.

In particular David Shapiro should be remembered for his summation or closing argument in my ‘trial,’ in which he called me a liar for saying that Officer Tornberg had ripped the shirt off my body, when he had only ripped half of it off my body. Furthermore, Tornberg did not even mention in his pathetically drafted arrest report that this had happened, though he did admit to grabbing me by my tie. Shapiro said I was an exaggerator right after calling me a liar, to which I would like to know what I exaggerated. The force of Ms. Hood’s impact? The description of the assault by Tornberg? The length of time the handcuffs were left on me (which did not even enter the record). What did Shapiro’s assertion have to do with my innocence or guilt, especially when all the evidence points to Tornberg, Hood, and Coleman exaggerating my actions to defend their own culpability in the accident and the assault and torture that followed?

Shapiro actually made the case that I was ‘fighting to get into jail.’ So my family is waiting for me to get home because the little one had a rapidly rising temperature (105 when I left work) and the pediatrician had urged immediate care. That is the context in which I was just trying to get arrested. Later, when I was in custody, my little girl was crying for her daddy at the emergency room, and my wife had no idea where I was. Sure was glad I was being held incommunicado with no ability to let her know where I was – I fought for that privilege!

I suspect that it was my gasping of ‘I am so going to sue you’ as the wicked officers drug me over to the side of the road that really caused the poopstorm. I am not a litigious person and have never been accused of a crime or filed suit against anyone, but I know that I have one year from April 9 to file against the City, Tornberg, Storey, Coleman, and anyone else in relation to this case. Further, I have the rest of my life to call attention to their actions and the ability to be sure that these players are held to account for their actions.

What Tornberg, Hood, and Coleman do not understand is that David Shapiro is not their personal attorney – which is a good thing/bad thing. Good thing for them because Shapiro is such a boob that if my counsel had been just a teeny-tiny more invested, their lies would be actionable now. Bad thing because they believe that Shapiro was looking after their interests.

Shapiro fashions himself as a good former Marine, wearing a Marine tie in court and pretending to be hard of hearing because of his time in the service. What a joke of the Marines he makes them! He should not be employed by the City, and I hope as many people as possible ask him about my case and treat him like an AIDS patient with Ebola – at synagogue and in restaurants and anywhere he is encounted. Sure he is just doing his job, but as I have said before the Nuremberg defense is no defense. Any Marine who is proud of his or her service should shun and be ashamed that they share that honor with Tulsa attorney and City of Tulsa Prosecutor David Shapiro.

The actions of the City Prosecutor’s office and the Municipal Courts should be worthy of discussion as we consider City Council elections. I am not exaggerating or lying about what happened. I can only swear to God in a Court of Law that my assertions are true.


Written by thetulsan

July 18, 2011 at 8:05 am

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