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Gross! Tulsa Drought Conditions bring on Pleas for Curbed Water Use as Record Usage brings Crisis

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Water crisis! The miseries in Tulsa just keep adding up! Normally Tulsa is a parched, brown, dry ugly mess by the end of August, but we have already gotten there and then some this year! ‘Green country’ is browned up good and early this year, as yards, trees, and foundation plantings brown up and die. Record use is rapidly depleting water supplies, and our incompetent officials are broadcasting future restrictions.

Of course, Oklahoma has no natural lakes – but more shoreline than the East and West Coasts combined, they tell us! – so once the algae and chicken-poop laden waters finish sludging out of their moldy dams downslope to Tulsa – without rain there is no more water to slather up in or spread its chemical residue on struggling plants as the lakes go dry. Fun! Already several counties surrounding Tulsa have shut off water to residents for periods up to two days! In 105+ degree heat!

So the best-case scenario is that the retention ponds/lakes emanate mold spores when they are full and deliver chicken-poop filled water downstream to Tulsa; warm, disgusting water: I assure you that Arizonans have cleaner, cooler water than Tulsans. Sure the Arizonans may not have the right to spray it all over their lawns, but at least it is run-off from the mountains. All of the water in Oklahoma is the effluent from farms, roads, and yards, chock full of pesticides and fertilizers and all that petroleum industry filth. Being in the smack-dab center of the country makes Oklahoma’s water situation unique – and uniquely gross.

Lots of places to live and relocate that have more stable water supply than Tulsa, Oklahoma! Jus’ sayin’!


Written by thetulsan

July 19, 2011 at 7:42 am

2 Responses

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  1. classic shot


    July 19, 2011 at 3:19 pm

  2. I was camping out at the river up on Hwy North 10 along the Illinois yesterday, got there with Alpha around 1 o clock cooled off in the river of e-coli/ chicken soup. Two hours later after I had paid the Ranger 12 dollars to camp over-night a fowl stench of chicken or pig farms operating within the Water basin area caught a breeze and hovered for the duration of my short camping experience. It let loose a smell likened to that of a rendering plant just blocks away, a sever headache followed and I suspect it wasn’t from the heat cause I was in the river most of the time or in the shade and it was 10 degrees cooler there than in Tulsa, bad as I hated to I forfeited my 12 dollars packed up and left. Wondered why I when I pulled in there was so many available camping spots, I hate crowded camp grounds and I exclaimed man we really got lucky, I just thought with the heat and weekend college kids didn’t want to travel that far up river. Now I know why, after I google Mapped it I know why I won’t ever camp at Round Hollow again.

    Chris Bargas

    July 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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