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Fox23 Blog: Deluded Jenks Boy Conserves Water so You Tulsans can Double Flush

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With absolutely zero chance of rain on the horizon and nothing but record breaking heat to look forward to, citizens of the City and County of Tulsa will soon experience ‘water rationing,’ in which the warm, brackish effluent from farms and roads can be used to water private landscapes only every other day. Trees will die all over the place, gardens will shrivel up, and the Arkansas River will stink even more without that blanket of grimy gutter water keeping the stench down.

Children all over the world are being burdened with existential guilt trips, wherein they are encouraged to feel bad for global warming, overpopulation, energy usage, and for just being alive. Our specie’s future is in the hands of children who are being trained to see conservation not as an act of wisdom, but an act of obedience to the collective. So when Fox23 blogger Janna Clark profiles an 11-year old Justin Spry, it is not a lesson in sensible conservation but a profile in slavish, obsessive compulsion. So, Justin, thanks for ‘cutting back.’ The rest of us will just go on double flushing and letting the water run while we brush and – heaven forbid – we may even spill a few wittle drops out of the dog dish.

I can relate in one sense, in that I am on my own Quixotic quest to dissuade, discourage, dump upon the idea any Outsider may have of recreating, vacationing, shopping, moving to, investing in, stopping by, the City of Tulsa. It is a lonely quest but, like Justin, I know that every little drop counts.


Written by thetulsan

July 20, 2011 at 7:46 am

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  1. It’s sad to know that Tulsa is suffering from extreme heat, hence there is no enough supply of water there. It’s so devastating to have no water. Humans could not stand living for several days without water. We should really help Tulsa.

    Sarah Bernheim

    October 17, 2011 at 8:23 am

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