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Gross! ‘Scenic’ Illinois River flowing like a Sewer! Prepare to be Disappointed!

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‘I was camping out at the river up on Hwy North 10 along the Illinois yesterday, got there with Alpha around 1 o clock cooled off in the river of e-coli/ chicken soup. Two hours later after I had paid the Ranger 12 dollars to camp over-night a fowl stench of chicken or pig farms operating within the Water basin area caught a breeze and hovered for the duration of my short camping experience. It let loose a smell likened to that of a rendering plant just blocks away, a sever headache followed and I suspect it wasn’t from the heat cause I was in the river most of the time or in the shade and it was 10 degrees cooler there than in Tulsa, bad as I hated to I forfeited my 12 dollars packed up and left. Wondered why I when I pulled in there was so many available camping spots, I hate crowded camp grounds and I exclaimed man we really got lucky, I just thought with the heat and weekend college kids didn’t want to travel that far up river. Now I know why, after I google Mapped it I know why I won’t ever camp at Round Hollow again!’

First, go ahead and make the extra effort to go to Arkansas or Missouri or Kansas. All of those places are preferable to anything in Oklahoma. Second, prepare to be disappointed if you have to vacation or day-trip around the area. You will be disappointed, at least. On a good year the lakes are murky, warm, and as unrefreshing as one can imagine, and this year things are worse than ever!

Thanks for the heads up, camper! Too bad your crappy State basically stole your money – sort of like one of the attractions at a carnival that promises the biggest cow in the world or the two-headed cat or whatever and you pay your two bucks just to see the monstrosity. Vacationing in Tulsa or its neighboring area is just like that – by the time you catch on to the reality of how corrupt and crappy it all is it is too late and you have wasted your time and money.

To be clear, for ten years I used to try and portray this skid-mark of a town as a quirky place chock full of good people and teeming with activities. I volunteered my time and abilities to without ever making or trying to make one red cent out of my efforts – did it sort of as a personal mission. Of course I need to clean up the wording on to reflect this new direction – and will happily spend the rest of my life as a detractor, and it is working!

My advice is to save your money and save your time and do not plan on visiting, moving to, relocating to, starting a business in Tulsa, or planning any meetings or conferences in Tulsa. Save your time and money and do not give this place a chance to disappoint you. There are plenty of other places at a similar price point without the hassles of Tulsa and more things to do.


Written by thetulsan

July 25, 2011 at 8:04 am

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