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Does Tulsa have a small-town feel but ‘big-city’ activities?

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The short answer is ‘yes’ but for all the wrong reasons. Tulsa has the claustrophobic feeling of a one-story town where one can live for years and years but since one’s mommy and daddy are not from here one is never ever a Tulsan, the kind of small-town feeling one can expect from any inbred, one-light town. Troll-town has the ‘big-city’ amenities like crappy municipal services, rampant corruption, poor schools, and crime. In fact, a recent poll by a local media blog found 55% of City Tulsans feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods at night!

So this question was posed by some troll over at some spambot bulletin board site, where I have discovered Troll-towners doing their dangednest to convince the unawares to move to Troll-town, which I am certainly in the habit of discouraging.

How many of those posters are just spambots with pulses is anyone’s guess, but I am thinking a few of them are using multiple aliases and such. Not me!

Funny! I am not alone in expressing my disaffection in this wretched place. Here is another:

I’ve lived in this city since i was born, and I’m telling you right now, you’re kids WILL HATE THIS CITY WHEN THEY GET OLDER!!!! it might seem good now, but Tulsa is bland, boring, and has little to nothing to do for teens, and don’t bring up the district, cause than place get’s old after a week. BA (broken arrow) has a small town feel, but it’s pretty far from the city, and is, for the most part, one giant suburb. As for schools, be careful, i mean they all have flaws, but stay away from Memorial, Nathan Hale, and East Central. most schools are good, but compared to out of state schools, we’re probably on lower standards. I wouldn’t move here, and I beg you to not.

Sure spelling is atrocious and is syntaxically challenged, but hey she graduated from Tulsa Schools!


Written by thetulsan

July 27, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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