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KFAQ’s Eddie Huff: ‘We don’t like city NIGGERS.’

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Not speaking for himself, of course, but for those wealthy black folk who vacation at Martha’s Vineyard who Huff paraphrased at 8:13AM on the Pat Campbell Show. Huff – a black neo-conservative – left his solo shift at the talker station and joined as third banana on Campbell’s unlistenable broadcast – was giving his token perspective on the controversy regarding a black police captain who is complaining of being forced to attend the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Parade in Tulsa, as reported by the KOTV blog.

How many rocks KFAQ turned over to find their co-host is anyone’s guess, but that ‘n’ word sure rolled off Eddie’s lips pretty freely. Ironically, Huff was revealing how surprised we whiteys would be if we knew the kind of language fellow blacks used in their absence to describe lower-class blacks when he dropped that bomb.

Also hilarious: the KFAQ crew were amazed that the parade is not held down Brookside or Memorial! Oh my!


Written by thetulsan

July 28, 2011 at 8:57 am

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